Planning Ahead
  • Pick a location
  • Check parking restrictions for the parking space
  • Register your space
  • talk to the businesses nearby to make sure there won’t be a problem on the day of the event.
  • Design your space
  • Secure materials a week or two in advance
  • Transportation of materials
  • Recruit collaborators to help on event day
  • Secure the necessary permits (if there is a parking meter and you choose to reserve your space)
When choosing a location to put your park, consider the following:

  • High Visibility – you don’t want to sit alone for most of the day. Try to find a place that gets a lot of sidewalk traffic that will provide more conversations. the location should be a place for people to stop, rest, relax and enjoy the new park. What type of businesses are located near by is also important to look into, being around more creative people will generate more users.
  • Easy access – is the space on a hill, etc.
  • Also, take into account the environmental conditions of the space.
    • Amount of sun/shad. you might want a tree to block the sun or select the right plants so they survive the day.
    • The type and amount of street traffic – plan carefully that the park is not in the way of bus routes, fire lanes, etc. If the location is in a high traffic area you should have some kind of enclosure or fence.

Be creative on designing your space! Here is a list of materials that might be needed to keep the space clean and the feel of a real park:

  • Tarp – Put a plastic tarp on the surface to make clean up easier
  • Groundcover – This can be grass, brick, stone, leaves, etc.
  • Seating – make sure there are places for people to sit
  • Shade – A tall tree can help in adding shade to your park
  • Enclosure – some type of fence should be considered to separate you from vehicle traffic
  • Signs – Park(ing) signs will be available to promote the event
  • Parking meter change – If you have submitted the registration form with payment, this will not be needed.


  • Unload plastic tarp – a plastic tarp will make cleanup very easy
  • Place groundcover (grass, stone, etc.)
  • Place accessories
  • Sit back and enjoy

The Event

  • Take pictures and video
  • Have someone be at the space

Clean up

  • Make sure the space is free of dirt and debris
  • Donate any left over material
  • Thank your friends and collaborators